How do other NDI patients/families manage bedwetting and daytime frequent urination?

Topic: Behavioral and Social Concerns
Enuresis (en-yur-ee-sis) is the medical term used to describe the involuntary discharge of urine beyond the age when a child is old enough to be able to control urination (usually considered to be 6 years of age for nighttime control). There are several types of enuresis:

DIURNAL ENURESIS is wetting that occurs during waking hours.

PRIMARY NOCTURNAL ENURESIS is a lack of the achievement of total bladder control during sleep.

The National Enuresis Society (merged with National Kidney Foundation) is a not-for-profit organization of doctors, medical personnel, and other persons dedicated to building greater awareness and understanding of enuresis. By creating this awareness and understanding, the NES hopes to help improve both the treatment of enuresis and the quality of life for children with enuresis and their families.

National Kidney Foundation
30 East 33rd St., Suite 1100
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Fax: (212) 689-9261 has a section on their website that has valuable information on enuresis and includes useful links to articles, advocacy organizations, websites, books and references.