Are there any areas of life that may be challenging for the NDI child?

Topic: Behavioral and Social Concerns
Author: Knoers, Nine
Since NDI children have to drink water and urinate so much more than a child without NDI, it can be challenging for the NDI child to develop his power of concentration. For example, normally a child can sit at his desk and stay there doing his class assignment until it is done. The NDI child has to go to the bathroom two to three times an hour as well as drink water during that hour, so there is a lot to disrupt his attention.

The teenage years can be a challenge for the NDI child and his parents because, like all young teenagers, the NDI child may go through a period of rebellion: not wanting to take his medications, not wanting to be different, wanting to eat salty snack foods like the rest of his friends. One of the most dangerous things an NDI youth can do is drink alcohol. The NDI patient is used to drinking a lot of liquid in the form of water, and this habit could carry over to alcohol. Alcohol is dehydrating in itself and this could be disastrous for NDI teenagers, especially if they were reluctant to take their medications.