This section of our website has been developed as a guide specifically for you - the NDI patient, family, other non-medically trained person seeking information about this genetic disability. To get you started, we have created this patient/parent section which includes the following:

Our Frequently Asked Questions will give you answers to many common concerns. NDI researchers and clinicians around the country and Europe contributed answers to readers’ questions relating to support, health care, medication, diet and nutrition, and more.

If you are looking for help with the NDI diet, visit our Nutrition Guidelines for such things as information on low sodium foods and nutrition, label reading tips, and links to low sodium recipe sites.

Medical Alert Cards have been provided with the help of physicians on our Scientific Review Board in 10 different languages for NDI patients to carry in case of emergency.

We encourage you to take our parent/patient survey. Your answers to these questions will help researchers and clinicians who are involved with NDI and its cause and treatment.

Of course, you are welcome to peruse the other sections of our site as well. Our Facts and Statistics section includes an introduction to nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, as well as diagnosis, treatment and history. Understanding the medical science behind this disease is daunting to the lay person. For those of you who want to try to understand the remarkable research being done into the causes and treatments of NDI, we have developed several tools to help you. Our Research section, has over 600 abstracts, as well as many full articles that have been written by the researchers working in this area. We have written lay translations of these papers in language that people without medical training can understand. In addition, we have linked the technical terms to a comprehensive terminology dictionary. Look for the highlighted words in the Research section. Clicking on these will take you to the definition of that term. You can also find other articles that use a certain word if you are interested in pursuing a particular concept.

A researcher directory includes hundreds of researchers’ addresses, phone numbers and their emails.

Our links section is a gateway to a variety of useful information. Help with finding a physician, where to go for additional support, and a directory of online health resources are just a few of the things you will find there.

We hope this information will help you on your journey to a better understanding of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.