Label Reading Tips

Label Reading Tips... How to Find the Hidden Sodium
How to Read a Food Label
Reading food labels is the only way to be sure of the sodium content of foods. The sodium content must be listed on the package - it is usually on the nutrition information panel. Food manufacturers change ingredients all of the time; make it a habit to READ THE LABEL. nutrition facts « The label lists the amount of sodium per serving of food (not per package or container). « Ingredients are listed in decreasing order by weight - if salt or sodium appears on the ingredient list at all, make sure it is near the end. What the Label Really Means If the label says... It means... Sodium free / salt free Very low sodium Low sodium Reduced sodium Light in sodium Unsalted / No added salt Less than 5 mg sodium per serving Less than 35 mg sodium per serving Less than 140 mg sodium per serving At least 25% less sodium than the original product At least 50% less sodium than the original product No salt added during processing (not necessarily sodium-free) Ingredients that shout HIGH IN SODIUM! Baking soda Brine Disodium phosphate Garlic salt, Onion salt Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Salt Sodium alginate Sodium benzoate Sodium caseinate Sodium citrate Sodium hydroxide Sodium nitrate Sodium pectinate Sodium proprionate Sodium sulfite