Gary Robertson

Title: M.D.
Phone: Work (312) 503-0058, Fax (312) 503-0822
Organization: Northwestern University Medical School
Address: 300 E. Superior, Tarry 15-755
Chicago, IL 60611-3008
United States

Dr. Robertson was born in Spokane, Washington and grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. After finishing public high school he attended Harvard College and then the Harvard Medical School. It was while at Harvard that his interest in medical research developed, particularly in the area of fluid and electrolyte disorders including diabetes insipidus and related diseases. From Harvard he went on to the National Institute of Health were he joined the effort in progress to develop an assay for vasopressin. That assay was successfully developed during his two years at the NIH. He took advantage of the unique opportunity this new tool offered and focused his investigative efforts in this area.
Northwestern Medical Faculty
Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Robertson strongly feels that there is not enough emphasis being placed on the distinctions between the various forms of DI. While techniques for differential diagnosis of DI type are available they are not widely known and utilized. Without proper diagnosis, optimal treatment is not possible.

Dr. Gary L. RobertsonThe most significant discovery affecting the management of NDI, in Dr. Robertson's opinion, was the identification of the V2 receptor and the mutations in the gene done by Drs. Bichet and Birnbaumer. Dr. Robertson's hope for the future of NDI patients lies in gene therapy. He says, in principle, genetic manipulation is possible. In practice, progress will take time, perhaps 10 years before results might be realized.

When not in his lab, Dr. Robertson enjoys fly fishing, travelling, and opera. In fact one of his reasons for choosing to work at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago was the opportunity to attend the opera performances in the city.

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